Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello 2012

I have not posted here in over a year. So I'm starting over with a new plan for the year to share with you my finds and things of interest.

So, have you found Pinterest? If not you should take a look.

Sarah, my sweet baby girl made this beautiful wreath for Mardi Gras last year. So she didn't want to use it this year again. Her loss was my gain.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brantley Elizabeth Gray and her new baby brother, Lane Matthew Gray, by Aunt Sa of Sarah Elise Photography.
There is nothing sweeter in the world that a sleeping baby. Little Lane slept during his first shoot with Aunt Sa. He never knew he was the star. Brantley is so proud of her brother and loves helping with him. She is such a little mother!
You would not believe how many times I have been asked, "When is the boy line coming out?". Seems Lane has given hope to lots of boy moms for a Granny B's boy line of clothes. Somehow I just can't see that little pink B tag hanging out of a pair of boxers!
I'm in the shop daily now sewing like crazy for 2 shows which start this weekend.
Have a blessed day, thanks for stopping by,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lane Matthew Gray

August 6, 2009

7lbs 15oz

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Gentry Rose Success!

Thanks to all of you who purchased the Sweet Gentry Rose dress. All sales of the dress went to help cover the cost of her therapy for Autism, which is not covered by their insurance plan. I am happy to say that there were enough dresses ordered to use all the bolt of beautiful vintage rose print fabric!

As a result of your generosity over $500 will be sent her way. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thank you for allowing me to help this family. I ask for your continued prayers for this family during their times of uncertainty that are ahead of them.

Thank you and may God bless you,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Gentry Rose Dress Fundraiser

I just added a beautiful vintage inspired rose print dress to the site today. There is even a matching doll dress! 100% of the sales of this dress will go toward Gentry Rose's therapy expense. She is in therapy 5 days weekly. Her family needs your help and your prayers to make it thru this trying time. Her mom is a very talented photographer who has done work for the website.
You can read more about her story here. Please help!
We are all pilgrims on the journey, helping share each others the load.
"One thing remains constant, and that is our belief that there are no surprises to God. He created Gentry Rose both beautifully and wonderfully -Psalm 139:14 "

Monday, June 22, 2009

Washington DC

View of Capitol from Newseum
Granny B made the trip to DC last week. It was a super fun but fast trip. I flew out one day and returned home again the next night. Talk about high speed, broadband internet is not the only thing that moves fast! The event was held at the Newseum on Pennsylvania Ave which is between the Capitol and the White House. The Newseum has great views of the Capitol from its balcony.

Here is part of the news article from Grant Gross, IDG News Service06.17.2009, which ran in several news magazines.

"Without broadband, Becky Collins would be out of business.Collins, owner of GrannyB's
, said she was able to leave her job filing out Medicareforms and
start her own children's clothing business because of broadbandavailability in
Homer, Louisiana, population 3,800. Collins, who started outselling dresses to
friends, left her Medicare paperwork job in 2006.Collins, speaking at a
broadband policy forum sponsored by the InternetInnovation Alliance (IIA),
called on U.S. lawmakers and private groups tocontinue to push for broadband in
rural areas. "Our downtown is virtually dead,"Collins said. "If I opened a
business in downtown Homer ... maybe five people aday might come into my store.
Now, I have customers from around the world."

I got to stay in the Hotel Monaco, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of downtown DC. It was beautifully restored historical building. Check out the leopard bathrobe on the bed!
I had a great trip and enjoyed meeting everyone is Washington.
Now its back to work. Christmas and Halloween designs are on my mind. I have new fabrics in and I am ready to get something cut out using them. I also am ready to start on the new line of reversible a-lines.

This week you can use discount code RLS1 for $5 off your order from Granny B's.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayers for Gentry Rose

Gentry Rose is the precious daughter of a friend who just happens to be the very talented photographer for some of the photographs on Granny B's . My heart is heavy today. She has just been diagnosed with Autism . Her father is a pastor and her mom is the sweetest person you will ever meet. I can no imagine the heartbreak she feels right now. In her words:

The future is unknown for our daughter. Questions every parent of a child with disabilities wonders... Will she have friends? Will she ever be able to have conversations with us about deep subjects as she grows? Will she go to college? Will she get married? Will she live at home for the rest of her life? Can she ever truly understand and express love-love from us, her peers, and even our Heavenly Father? If I allow myself the indulgence of self pity-I could keep going with a much longer list. But what good would that do? What she needs is early intervention-help today-The Lord holds her future in His hands. Our responsibility is to simply trust and obey.
The heart of every parent longs to see their child thrive and be given the opportunities to learn and grow.

Her father's insurance at the church does not cover the cost of her therapy which will be more than $6000 a month. Please visit her blog and read her story. Pray with me for healing and recovery, for strength for her parents to face unsure days ahead. To God be the Glory!